ImperHub helps businesses embrace the enormous opportunities of internet.
Here are the services that we provide:


Through the smart use of internet we want to make marketing more friendly and attractive
for customers and more efficient for businesses. ImperHub’s philosophy
and approach to work can be described in 3 words.


Each case is unique and every client requires a personal approach. We don’t have templates. We have improvisation, creativity and passion to innovate.


We truly believe that marketing can be friendly. ImperHub always strives to create something that people actually love.


We do not advocate wasting tons of money on poorly targeted advertising. We make people volunteer to listen to the marketing message.


We strongly believe that integration of internet marketing and IT is essential to be able to offer
effective solutions. In order to achieve the synergy from two disciplines we have partnered with
Lithuania’s leading web and software development company – Baltic Technology Group.
BT-Group successfully serves their clients since 2006, including major well-know companies. The partnership allowed us to combine our creative marketing expertise with a strong technological base.
We get access to highly skilled team of developers and years of experience in e-commerce solutions, web development and cloud applications for businesses.
Ultimately, our customers benefit from integrate solutions for their businesses where marketing and IT come together to create more value.